Bibliographical Database Sources and Acknowledgements

The purpose of this database is first to provide a searchable and sortable index to every piece Harlan has written and every book he has written or edited, and second to function as a clearinghouse for the work of various Ellison bibliographers. I will not try not to provide a complete list of all appearances of all of Harlan's work (Leslie Kay Swigart is already doing this with the assistance and blessing of the Ellisons), and having started the ball rolling I will concentrate on updating and enhancing the database as opposed to doing further research.

Most of the information in this database originally came from my personal collection and information gleaned from the excellent SFSite database. Many first appearances and uncollected works come from the Swigart bibliography and the Locus and Langerhans sites were used extensively in cut-and-paste mode to save typing time.


The database was originally compiled from the following sources:
Official Booklist from the Ellisons
Personal Collection of around 60 HE books
Leslie Kay Swigart's excellent bibliography, more complete than this database
Harlan Ellison Bibliography at SFSite
The Locus Index to Science Fiction
Michael Zuzel's Ellison site, The Islets of Langerhans

Acknowledgements and other Sources

I am indebted to the following people for filling in the gaps in my knowledge (listed in order of the first submission to the database):
Scott Jennings for initial assistance with development and hosting.
Bud Webster for many helpful insights and additions
Dorman T. Shindler for some book and story list information
Barney Dannelke, HERC member #1, for passing on some very helpful documents.
Finder for general hole-spackling.
Matthew Davis for a multitude of essays and first appearances.
Tim Richmond for a bibliography that filled in some edition and essay holes.
Chris Day for his comic-book bibliography.

Guys, let me know if you want anything else said here or an e-mail link. - Ed.

Technical Stuff

The database is stored in a unix implementation of MySQL. The pages are powered by PHP, a hypertext preprocessor similar in coding to Perl and C and similar in function to Active Server Pages.

If you would like to add searches to your own database, you can copy the form from the book or piece query pages and change the POST function. You can also change the method of the form to GET, send a query through, and copy the resultant URL to generate an ad-hoc query that can be regenerated without using a form.